Marching with Tulips


Marching with Tulips
ISBN 978 09575 26 50 1   Alba Publishing, UK, 2013, 76pp.

A stand-alone collection of haibun for the general reader, which twins with What Happens in Haibun to provide input into creative writing courses or other critical purposes.


"The haibun in this collection range from fantasy to autobiographical. His gently wry humour is wonderfully present in Cool, an account of a ginko gathering of haijin to write haiku in rather difficult conditions; and in Banged Up, a haibun covering Cobb's valiant attempt to teach haiku in a prison. The fantasy ones, such as when Cobb imagines he is taking a walk with Issa and his dog, or having a picnic with Boudica, are compelling."

Naomi Beth Wakan, Contemporary Haibun Online.

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