The Humours of Haiku


The Humours of Haiku
(ed. David Cobb)

ISBN 978 0 9565725-4-7   Iron Press, UK, 2012, 75pp.

A collection of 240 haiku by over 100 poets, selected and edited by David Cobb to illustrate the range of emotions that haiku may generate.


"Senryu are a robust presence in the collection. The term 'senryu', however, appears nowhere in the book except in a footnote to the introduction. Fine. Cobb's point of view follows what has become common practice in the West over the past few decades. Senryu's subject matter — human nature and behaviour — have become directly absorbed into the haiku genre."

Michael McClintock, Modern Haiku,USA.

"...the aim to create an affective, accessible anthology has undoubtedly been achieved."

Martin Lucas, Presence, UK.