Lap Stone


Lap Stone
ISBN 978 0 956833 1 1   Equinox Press, UK, 2011, 59pp.

A collection mainly of 'straight' poems in free verse and sometimes metrical verse forms. One section of 11 haiku.


"All delightful."

Charles Trumbull, Modern Haiku,USA.

"A lovely collection of a variety of poetry. I like the humour and irony in some and the earnestness and melancholy in others, while appreciating the mildness of tone and the sound and the flow of the language in all."

Max Verhart, Holland.

"...poems (sometimes outstanding) that are clever, sexy, playful, tender, compassionate. The tone constantly changes."

Kevin Crossley-Holland.

"...wise, touching, darkly gentle poetry."

Carol Rumens.

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