Out Of Print Titles


The following titles are now out of print, no longer in stock, or withdrawn from general sale. Avid collectors (!) may apply by email and perhaps be ‘fortunate’!

Jumping from Kiyomizu

Illustrated by Charlotte Smith
ISBN 0 906228 56 5   Iron Press, 1996, 96pp.

166 haiku and senryu reflecting the human life cycle from cradle to grave. NB. A number of these poems are repeated in Palm. Second-placed in the Haiku Society of America Merit Book Awards, 1996.

37 of its haiku and all 8 of its brush drawings by Charlotte Smith Bernays, depicting human figures in various postures, have been retained in Anchorage (q.v.)

A Bowl of Sloes

Snapshot Press, 2000.

20 of its 47 haiku also now in Anchorage.

A Shift in the Wind /Veter se Obrne

ISBN 978 961 6644 04 4   Društvo Apokalipsa, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2007, 111pp.

116 haiku and senryu, and 2 haibun, all in their English originals with Slovene translations by Slavica Šavli on facing pages.

Selected as one of the 5 most important books of foreign poetry translated into Slovene in 2007.

Iron Book of British Haiku
(ed. with Martin Lucas)

ISBN 0 906228 67 0   Iron Press, 112pp. Third impression, 2000.

An anthology of outstanding haiku by some seventy British haiku poets of the 1990s.


ISBN 0 955245 02 2   Iron Press, 2007, 62pp.

Edited by David Cobb, this is a collection of 80 haiku, one each by 80 different writers in 26 European countries, each published in one of 22 European languages and in English.

The Dead Poets’ Cabaret

ISBN 0 906228 88 3   Iron Press, 2003, 107pp.

A compendium of facts and myths about the circumstances of the deaths of 80 Anglophone poets of the British Isles, and how and where their remains were disposed of. With a clerihew accompanying each entry to make things seem less morbid. No haiku.

A Leap in the Light

Equinox Press, 1991.

12 of its 140 haiku retained in Anchorage.

Mounting Shadows

Equinox Press, 1992.

14 of its 141 haiku retained in Anchorage.

Im Zeichen des Janus

ISBN 0 955245 02 2   Hub Editions, UK, 2006, 62pp.

64 haiku and senryu, and 2 haibun, all in their English originals and in German translations, principally by Ruth Franke and David Cobb.

Chips Off the Old Great Wall

Hub Editions, UK, 1993.

22 versions of ancient Chinese poems


Leap Press, North Falmouth, USA, 2004.

14 of its 141 haiku retained in Anchorage.