Business in Eden


Business in Eden
ISBN 0 9517103 5 4   Equinox Press, 2006, 96pp.

A collection consisting of revised versions of The Spring Journey to the Saxon Shore and A Day in Twilight and a dozen shorter haibun.

Voted Best Haibun Collection, Haiku Society of America Merit Book Awards, 2007.


"... a book that is rich in achievement and confirms, yet again, Cobb's position in the front ranks of those poets who have mastered the difficult art of haibun. Business in Eden is that reviewer's cliché: a must for your bookshelf."

Jeffrey Woodward,
Lynx online review, USA, February 2008.

"... in command of a flexible and formidable prose style. He needs to write these things and he does it so interestingly, so honestly."

Jim Kacian, Frogpond, USA.

"Hij bewijst daarmee teevens dat en literaire haibun in een westerse taal mogelijk en zinvol is."

Karel Hellemans, Vuursteen, Holland.