ISBN 0 9517103 4 6   Equinox Press, 2002, 87pp.

Includes the 6,000-word haibun, A Day in Twilight, and a selection of 'standard' free verse and metrical poems.

Awarded Masaoka Shiki International Grand Prize, 2008.


"A generous scoopful of wise, touching, darkly gentle poetry, that reveals more and more of its essence at each re-reading."

Carol Rumens, in her foreword.

"At the heart of this extraordinarily diverse collection (31 haiku sequences and 15 haibun, plus 7 each of 'straight' poems and translations from the Chinese) is the quest after the 'missing season'. David Cobb is a poet with acute powers of observation. He has a breadth and depth of cultural reference."

Josephine Dickinson, Other Poetry, UK, 2002.

"His longer poems demonstrate the benefits to all poets of learning the craft of haiku. Pared down and sparse, they show the beauty within brevity so often lost in contemporary poetry."

Matt Morden, Planet - the Welsh Internationalist.

"I am very impressed with your haiku because they are fairly coloured with your own mind and feelings. I regard them as fine haiku work."

Tohta Kaneko,
President, Modern Haiku Association of Japan,
Juror for the Masaoka Shiki International Grand Prize, 2008.